A Dads Duty

A dad may wear many hats, but he'll first and foremost be a father. Dads may be many things, the chaser of the bogeyman: you make sure your children can go to sleep in peace, knowing that the bad guys from the cartoons they were just watching is nowhere in sight. Dad you also play the doctor and apply bandages and kisses to boo-boos (its not just reserved for mom). But what is it to be a dad, a father? When your child or wife looks at you what do you thing they see? Well in most cases its their safety net, their protector, Super Dad! As a dad your protection is of the utmost importance to your family, what's one way you can ensure protection for your family whether you are around or not. We hate to think about it but there will be a day that you will not be here to shower your wife and children with love and protection. The next best thing in my honest opinion is to purchase a Family Life Insurance policy.

No one can tell you just how much his fathers planning and protective nature helped to continue to provide love and protection from beyond the grave like Kelly McClure "In a matter of 4 years, I had lost both my mom and my dad. After my mom died my dad made me the beneficiary of his life insurance policy." Having lost both of my parents I can relate to Kelly's story being without your parents is a somber experience. Kelly stated that he could only afford to buy the ticket home to say goodbye and not much else but after receiving his fathers life insurance pay out it "allowed me to purchase my first home, and completely changed my life."

Can you imagine how powerful that is? Kelly's father not only ensured that Kelly was protected, he did everything in his power to place Kelly in a better situation with his advanced planning. This gesture had a lasting impression on Kelley, "When I saw what life insurance could do, I bought a policy to protect my wife." What did the policy cost him? Well Kelly was able to get an insurance policy to protect his wife and growing family for $44 a month. If you are in the market or looking to protect your family for the long road ahead I would urge you to speak to a professional insurance agent or get a no hassle no obligation quote here.

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