Family Life Insurance

If something happened to you today, would your spouse or family be able to financially support themselves? Would they be able to afford the costs of a funeral? What would happen to your home?

These are all very realistic considerations when you are married and have children. When you get married and/or have children, it is important to ensure that they are taken care of financially if you die. Think of it as your family “peace of mind” plan. Some of the things you should definitely consider, the cost of funerals and burials are expensive…often exceeding ten thousand dollars. Who will be responsible for paying for it? Are you are the sole financial provider for your family? If so how will your family fair financially? Is there a family life insurance policy in place? What if you have extreme debt…your family will likely be stuck with it. How will your children’s expenses be covered (e.g., college, activities, etc.)? If you have a mortgage and your spouse doesn’t work or make enough to cover the monthly costs. What will they do?

These are all very valid, very scary concerns the thing about them is that they will not go away. These questions are the type of relevant questions that you have to ask yourself honestly. You should know that the earlier you obtain life insurance for yourself and your family the better off you will be, most of the time you can obtain a policy at a great rate while you are still young enough to be insurable. The longer you wait the harder it will become to qualify and protect your family. Like the saying goes " Don't put off for tomorrow, what you can get done today."

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