My Great Disaster!

Suddenly, I had worries that had never crossed my mind before.

January 22nd will forever be seared in my mind, you see that was the day that I experienced my greatest disaster and heartache. What could it possibly be you ask? The unexpected loss of my mother. As a 15 year old it sent me reeling in every which direction and suddenly I had worries that had never crossed my mind before. I happened to be blessed because my darling mother left me with a labor of love. A life insurance policy, she may not have been there to guide me any more but was very crucial to me being able to afford my first education.

Without the insight to plan for our futures ,essentially just mine , I'm not quite sure where I would have ended up, I know that I will be eternally grateful for my mother's final act of love .

The sad reality is that many children will not have the same comfort and cushion, its not due to a lack of love but a lack of planning. Believe me I get it, the thought of ones own mortality is down right frightening sometimes but imagine then what losing you would do to your children. According to the 2019 Insurance Barometer study, an astounding 43% of Americans aren't protecting their loved ones with any form of insurance. If your in that 43% of uninsured Americans chances are you could qualify for a plan of protection that would best suite you and your families needs for the long term. So lets change the trend and put our future in safe hands.

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